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Monday, October 27, 2008

Breakfast Club recap (10-25-08)

Dear Breakfast Club,

Well, I think I would call that one the FABULOUS 5th anniversary of the Breakfast Club. Thanks to all who attended. I doubt we'll ever forget our afternoon at the Adolphus! From tea to truffles, it was an experience to be savored.

And it was the perfect pinnacle to a lovely five years. Some BC facts and highlights:

  • Charter members Anita and Elaine have been to every breakfast, except one! Thank you for your enduring support.
  • And a special appreciation goes out to both Donna and Louise for opening their homes to us in 2008. These were our first breakfasts in new places.
  • A guest list that began with about 20 names now goes to 40+ women.
  • We've had someone new at every breakfast.
  • Our ages range from somewhere in the 20s to somewhere in the 60s.
  • Our most popular theme has been, of course, "Chocolate for Breakfast."
We've shared a lot during our time together — favorite recipes, special memories and stories that had to be told! Not to mention life changes and career changes, etc. At the end of the day, our most important contributions have been creativity, encouragement, empowerment and support.

My life is more complete with the Breakfast Club in it, so I thank you for joining me in this "social experiment." I didn't have a long-term vision the first time I sent invitations — I just felt there were a lot of amazing women out there who might benefit from putting their heads and hearts together. We officially proved that theory!

So congratulations to everyone on five years of dedication to yourselves and each other. I look forward to the next five.

Speaking of, our next breakfast — the aforementioned beat-the-winter-blues fave, "Chocolate for Breakfast" — will be coming up in January. And in the spirit of a new year, I encourage you to bring someone new with you!

Happy holidays,


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